Welcome to Vibrant Kutch Expo & Summit 2015



Gujarat, apart from providing excellent opportunities to the entrepreneurs, has over the years emerged as wide and powerful global platform for knowledge-sharing. Since, the ancient times, Gujarat has been a major center of education.

Speaking about the current scenario in the educational sector; the state is a home to 51 universities and over 1,400 institutes of higher education affiliated to these universities catering to over 7 million students.

Vibrant Kutch Summit: 2015 offers a very broad and global stage for the academicians, students, researchers and scholars to share their learning, knowledge and innovation with like-minded people!

In addition to this, at during the Summit, you can also

  • Aim for meaningful affiliations and an enabling relationship with industry
  • Get an idea about the future trends that are bound to drive the academic institutions of tomorrow
  • Building a Bridge between leading national and international educational institutes
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the universities in the state and their requirements from their counterparts
  • Develop an agenda for collaboration that is both relevant and practical
  • Present your latest research and learn from others through various seminars, conferences and panel discussions
  • Network with investors, venture capitalists and governments looking to develop and invest in new projects
  • Meet face-to-face with the experts from other disciplines and identify new areas for collaboration